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2010-08-25 ESKit v1.2.2 released! This release brings one bug fix, and removes some warnings
2010-07-20 ESKit v1.2.1 released! This release brings compilations problem fix.
2010-04-13 ESKit v1.1.1 released! This release brings two bugs fix, and removes all the warning emitted by GCC in the previous versions
2010-04-08 ESKit v1.1.0 released! This release brings one new feature, one bug fix and an API change.


ESKit is a portable library written in C, that provides implementations of some self-adaptive evolution strategies in C. It features:

  • Simple API
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • 3 self-adaptive evolution strategies : Isotropic CSA-ES, CMA-ES, Separable CMA-ES
  • Implementation strictly follows the published papers introducing those evolution strategies
  • Performs as in the published papers
  • Benchmark program
  • Can optionaly uses LAPACK

ESKit is licensed under the MIT license.


The latest release is ESKit v1.2.2, released on 2010 August 25.


The ESKit source repository is hosted at http://gitorious.org/eskit

To check out the latest source:

git clone git://gitorious.org/eskit/mainline.git